Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LEAN Frog Has Appreciation for Teachers, Do You?

This week is dedicated to appreciating teachers. All of us need to spend enough time to think about our experiences with the people responsible for filling us with knowledge. Byron Headrick is my name and I want to share some of my memories of my education through grade school in a rural area of Alabama. My experiences during these years had a huge impact on my life over the years and even today.

In 1990, I completed my K-12 education at Section High School in Jackson County located in Alabama. During my elementary years, my B to C grades, were constantly compared to the A to B grades of my sister by my parents. I have a strong recollection of the frustration during this time that caused less than favorable results at times. Mr. Dukes, my math teacher in sixth grade, was the first to recognize something was wrong. He was puzzled over the fact that I understood the information, as it was presented, only to grade poorly on the written tests. He bent the rules to allow me to take some of the tests verbally that seemed to improve my scores. My English teacher in the seventh grade, Ms. Howard, discovered I suffered from a slight learning disability. There were not the same special classes or tutoring back then in rural Alabama, as there are today. Mr. Howard and my mother discussed my problem and worked with me on it. This increased my typical B to C grades up to A through C grades.

During the ninth grade at school, Ms. Hughes, my science teacher connected science, physics and math in better way than other teachers ever had. Her inspiration made me develop a genuine interest in these subjects, and I went on to win the Science Project Competition that year with genetic college-level experiment involving fruit flies.

Because I had the learning disability, the school counselors recommended that I go to Technical School, as they did not feel college would be an ideal fit for me. I was still able to study math, physics, and science on an advanced level in Technical School. I studied mechanical design and drafting, when I attended Jackson County Technical School. Mr. Armstrong was my teacher. He taught technical skills pertaining to mechanical design and drafting to my class and more. This teacher also taught leadership skills to the class in hopes that my fellow classmates and I would strive for quality with anything we do. My grade averages ranged from A to B. I qualified for college scholarships, graduated and even won awards in such things as public speaking, essay writing and more on the county level, along with state level.

In the summer, I started to college after graduating high school. By the next semester in the fall, at 18 years of age, I was among the youngest people in the Co-ops for NASA program. Then I graduated from the J.F Drake Technical School with a GPA (grade point average) of 3.5. Later I went on to graduate from the Athens State University holding a 3.65 GPA.

Because I believe in continuous learning, my life keeps being productive to this day. I have a "Live 2 Learn" motto as part of my company's 5 main values. The LEAN Frog team associates taught me this expectation.

The four teachers listed above are the main reason I am as successful now. I greatly appreciate their efforts. I am grateful that my company is able to provide the schools much needed money through the efficiencies the company builds, which helps the school assist the student to achieve higher results.

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