Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lean Frog Green Belt Certification Program

Led by Master Six Sigma certified CEO Byron Headrick, LEAN Frog offers their own Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification to public school administrators and their staff in Huntsville and elsewhere throughout Alabama. The program is designed to help public education professionals develop solutions to the challenges unique to their industry. LEAN Frog’s new certification program will be rolled out this summer and will offer an in-depth education in the Lean Six Sigma approach as well as training in its practical applications. The program is intended to provide school administrators with the skill set needed to come up with novel solutions to improve operations as well as educational outcomes, while working to address issues as they arise through an ongoing process of improvement. LEAN Frog is already well known statewide for their work with the Huntsville City School District as well as several others around the state. Perhaps most notably, the Huntsville City School District has been able to save more than seven million dollars by using the Lean Six Sigma methodology.