Monday, September 30, 2013

Be Unique-Promote with CDR Business Cards

In business, if you don’t leave a lasting impression on a prospective client, you’ll fall into obscurity in their never ending list of contacts. Because of that, it is imperative you avoid settling for being just another printed business card. CDR business cards allow you to embrace the changing realm of technology, while giving you that unique edge to impress.

This begins by addressing the problems that a traditional business card has. When dealing with traditional paper cards, you are limited on the amount of space you have to work with. In many cases, all you can place is your business name and contact information. Without more to go on, if the client doesn’t remember you, then you’ve wasted your time, your card won’t do a thing for them.

With a CDR business card, you actually end up having an edge. Not only will your customer have a chance to remember what you offer, but promotional tools on this disc is going to help to further advance your business. If for some reason a business you are leaving your information with doesn’t have the ability to utilize the CDR business cards, a website link on the front of the card can give them access to the same information. However, since most computers have dual trays, this shouldn’t be a problem.

According to Buskerdoo LLC (, instead of endless brochures and documents that need to be mailed, a single card can carry all of this information. In fact, the space on these devices can hold as many as 48 minutes of audio, 250 slides in a presentation, 2000 HTML pages, 1500 pages of a PDF file or a 5 minute long video. To create the full digitalized experience, you can create a combination of files to give your customers a crystal clear image of your business and capture their attention and interest.

The cost of promoting your business is also going to decrease during this time. What you are going to find is that thanks to a reduction in brochures, traditional business cards and other advertising tools, you will end up saving money in the long run. More importantly, you can reduce the number of errors and keep information current, since you can burn the CDR business card the moment you need it. That way, you aren’t reusing the same pamphlets and files that you were a year ago, just because you ended up having more on hand than you originally planned. You can even fine tune documents and videos to include the name of the company and person you are speaking with for a truly personalized experience that will have a lasting impact.

Thanks to the novelty factor of the CDR, you should find that it will also have a considerable impact. Most people who receive these digitalized cards are instantly interested in seeing what is on them and trying them out. If you maximize on how interactive they are, you should find that customers become vested in your product. Of course, you do need to be careful about how many you are handing out. While they will impress those who receive them, they are going to still have a cost that is higher than a traditional business card. It will be important that you use these cards for when you are securing business, rather than giving it to someone who simply wants your contact information.

Of course, these cards can be used in a number of other ways. For example, the applicant looking to make a lasting impression during a job search can create a whole informational package with these business cards. With a video, resume and cover letter combined, they will be able to impress and let the prospective employer get an idea about who they are and what they can offer.

Give yourself the upper hand in the business world. Make sure you are standing out by offering a business card that gives a full scope of your business. Thanks to modern technology, you can create a fully informational package that can include everything from a video pitch about what you can do for a business, to informative text that will let a potential customer gain an understanding about the products and services that you can provide them.